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Welcome to Scotland’s Route 66

There’s nothing quite like having the freedom of the long open road.

Driving through some of Scotland’s finest coastal scenery, looking to spot Deer, Seals, Dolphins, Whales, Otters, Eagles..Those are just a few of the things you can expect along the North Coast 500.

But for me it’s kinda personal.

Being Born and Bred in the Highlands, in the Town of Wick in the far North, I have seen a portion of this route at first hand. And as kids living in Wick we constantly travelled to places like Dornoch and Embo, as well as rare visits to Bettyhill, Oban and Ullapool.

As kids playing in the Rivers and Shores, climbing the Cliffs and Castles, to us they were just things, we never really appreciated how they got there or the History behind them. Seeing seals and puffins and all the other wildlife, to us they were just things, but now I want to find them all again and appreciate them.

On our Travels my father was constantly telling us to look here and there, whilst explaining places, monuments, history and why they were there.
As kids we were bored of his constant history and genealogical stories.

Only now after my fathers death I wondered why, what was the importance of these stories.

Time passes and you grow older.

Now over 30 years has passed since his young death. And now the death of my Mother in 2016, it seems at times you try to put your life in perspective. READ MORE…

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