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It's More ThanJust a Journey

Travel the Scottish Highlands as you've never seen it before and create memories along the way with an adventure you'll never forget.

It Truly is, More Than Just a Journey

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Maps, For here And There

There's a lot to see and do when travelling the route and we like to make sure we have covered everything along the way and we're sure there is still more to add.

Our maps are broken down into categories and are regularly updated as and when new information is received 


Our Projects

What we have Done What's Coming....

We have been doing so much to try and help people plan and prepare for there own adventure and always continue to work on things behind the scenes. Check out what we have done and what's in the pipeline and share your thoughts and ideas with us.


Kev Garthwaite

Absolutely fantastic route, lovely roads and lovely people. Beaches are the most beautiful I’ve seen.

Rae Wood

Amazing places to visit and awesome people on route!

James Whittred

I couldn’t believe we had scenery like this in the UK until we did the NC500, absolutely breath-taking and unspoilt. We were very lucky with the weather too to get such great photo’s. We cannot wait to come back !



We always appreciate feedback with anything we do and welcome suggestions and ideas to help us improve the site and our app. if you would like to drop us a message please use our contact form and will get back in touch as soon as possible, we pride ourselves in our support and customer service and will endeavour to assist in anyway we can 

meet the team

At Scotlands Route 66 we are a very small team originally started off as just father and son with a massive passion for Scotland, especially the Highlands, and with a recent new addition to the team to help create our newest project and hopefully many more

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William Taylor

"More than Just a Journey" This is My Home and I want all to visit, and Leave with Memories


A man with amazing design skills, recently joining the team and a very welcoming addition
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Gus Taylor

The Tech Guy
Staying behind the scenes is Gus, keeping the website going, when things go wrong he's the one to blame


Sales Department
Joining the team to keep everything more organised and streamlined and keeping the men in check


latest from the blog

With Covid-19 taken a big toll on news around the route there hasnt been much to report but check out our blog page for news and stories