We firmly believe that when travelling in the Highlands it is worth going off Route and see and do the things most folk miss.

From many hidden gems, there are so many things you can do as well as just taking photos and dribbling over the awesomeness that is the Highland Scenery.

One way to be different from the rest of the Travellers is to try something unique, and what is more unique and different that trying your hand at being a Chocolatier for the Day.

We tried and was blown away at the whole experience, and it was dammed yummy also…

CoCo- Chocolatier,  at Bowermadden in Caithness, is a family-run business in Caithness.

So how do you fancy being a chocolatier for the day?






CoCo – Chocolatier also offers three-hour chocolate workshops with their very own chocolatier Mandy, which we were delighted to attend.

From the moment we stepped foot in Mandy’s kitchen, we were kitted out with aprons and encouraged to get stuck in and get creative! Mandy was great – she showed us what to do, shared her clever techniques and tricks, but she really gave us the opportunity to put our own unique stamp on our chocolate designs, flavours and fillings. We were reassured that there was no “wrong way” to do things and had a lot of laughs throughout the afternoon.

We made hollow, shaped and filled chocolates – picking from a selection of fruit flavours and alcoholic flavours, including Crofters Tears ganache and Jura Whisky ganache.


Using coloured cocoa butter and an airbrush to create brightly designed chocolates.

Mandy has a huge selection of fun moulds to pick from, including shoes, handbags, cars and animals.





The workshop would be absolutely perfect for any special occasion, group bookings or even just a fun afternoon out. The sessions are £55 per person and you leave the workshop with all of your chocolates beautifully bagged/boxed up to take home.


To book just send CoCo – Chocolatier a message on Facebook.



How to get there


CoCo Chocolatier

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