Durness, one of the most popular destinations for visitors coming to the North Highlands.

The Village has a population of around 400, in the summer the locals are easily outnumbered by those visiting the area.

This area has some of the best accommodation available you are really spoilt for choice.

With so much to see and do in this area, Durness is the perfect place to set up a base and use it to explore all that it has to offer.


We say 4 days is ideal to explore this area of the North West.  From Smoo Cave to Cape Wrath to fabulous beaches, there really is a lot to do.


With our Maps you can find the right accommodation in this area, and you don't have to stay 'in' Durness as you can easily change the itinerary to suit your base.

These itineraries are to be used as a guide and are designed to help you plan your days in Durness and the surrounding area. You can mix and Match and change the days around so you can plan the best days 'Out' depending on the weather forecast

Like all our itineraries, they are a guide, most days you will have plenty free time, use it to go for walks especially on the beaches and coast.  There are many stunning places and walking allows you to see much much more, it really is about getting out of your vehicle and see and doing.



A Day in Town

On your first day we recommend having a day in and around the Village. How you choose to go from place to place is entirely up to you but from one point of interest to the furthest is about a hours walk.  We say ditch the car and walk, make the most of your surroundings and enjoy it all.


Check out our Map of places of interest in and around Durness and choose which ones you feel are a must-visit, then decide on others that you may want to visit.  This allows you to ensure you visit the important places first leaving the 'Not so' ones to visit if time allows.


We can't tell you that visiting Smoo Cave will take an hour, it may be longer or much less it is all an individual thing.


From the Map you can choose where to go and what to visit.  From Smoo Cave to Balnakeil Beach is a hours walk, this gives you a good idea of what you can cram in to your day.

We also highly recommend a walk be it during the day or evening around parts of the coastline.  Walking allows you to see and get the best out of your surroundings and saves clogging up the local roads.


Smoo Cave



Day 2

Stunning Drive

There are plenty places out-with Durness that are great to visit, from Cape Wrath to the Eagle Zip Wire.

Not only plenty places to see and do but also there is a terrific drive which shows of the Highlands at its best.

Check out our Road trip which is a great day on its own.  Remember, take your time and enjoy the peace and solitude.

It takes you in a circular route and takes in the Best of this Northern part of the Highlands.

From Loch Eriboll to  the Tongue Causeway, which crosses Kyle of Tongue sea loch.

Down through the wonderful Bettyhill to Altnahara and on to Loch Shin and Lairg.

Returning through stunning scenery to  Durness past Oldshoremore and Kinlochbervie.






Day 3

Great Day Out

A memorable journey to Cape Wrath is best done when the weather is likely to be at its best.

Rated our Favourite place to visit in 2018, Cape Wrath is missed by many on the NC500, it really is a must.

This visit can be done in different ways. It can be via the Ferry and bus to and from the Lighthouse but is also available if you wish to walk part of it to get an even greater experience of one of the remotest places in the UK.

Check the website and ensure you do your homework first.  This really is an experience not to be missed.

The remainder of this day can be spent with a drive round to Kinlochbervie and the awesome beach at Oldshoremore


Day 4


A Day with the Puffins


Many people that travel the route love nothing better than seeing the wildlife and there is nothing more fascinating than a Puffin.

One of the Best places to see them is on a boat trip to Handa Island.

Spending the autumn and winter in the open ocean of the cold northern seas, the Atlantic puffin returns to coastal areas at the start of the breeding season in late spring. It nests in clifftop colonies, digging a burrow in which a single white egg is laid. The chick mostly feeds on whole fish and grows rapidly. After about 6 weeks, it is fully fledged and makes its way at night to the sea. It swims away from the shore and does not return to land for several years.




But a trip to Handa Island is much more than just Puffins.  Each summer, nearly 100,000 seabirds breed here, including internationally important numbers of guillemots, razorbills and great skuas. These dramatic cliffs provide stunning ocean panoramas.

Check the Ferry Website for all details regarding this once in a lifetime trip that will leave memories with forever.

It really is a must for everyone in the family.


Unfortunately for safety reasons Dogs are not allowed.


Our Suggested driving route, it is all about taking your time and making the most..




This area, like most of the Highlands deserves to be done at a slow pace.

During the Summer Months it barely gets dark up in the North so time will be on your side, as for the weather, that is something completely different.


Use these as a guide and change them to suit you and the weather as Cape Wrath is best done in fine weather and Handa Ferry may well be restricted due to inclement weather.


As always, Do your Homework or contact us, we are happy to help.