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Finally it is about to arrive




Finally, after a long time in development,

we finally found a way to deliver an app that we think many will love.


Not being a big company with big resources to call upon

we had to seek the cheap way and even burnt a few holes in our pockets.


The mission was to build an app that would allow folk to plan their own route

and end up with a map they could call ‘their’ own.




We had something in our mind, a kind of concept.

We wanted it so people could add their own places to stay, or visit, or eat, or fill up the tank with fuel.

So after producing Map after Map of everything we could think of and made them separate instead of one huge map with a million markers, we needed a home for them, an app for them.

Next, how could we get these Maps so people could download them for off-line use, after all in the Highlands you are not guaranteed the best possible mobile signal.

Another problem was to find a way we could have built-in Navigation

so the Maps could take you from place to place.


We certainly had a lot do, and we didn’t even know where to start.

Being just a father and son team, spending most of our time fostering kids, time was another factor.

How the heck are we going to fit it all in between changing nappies and other wonderful tasks.





But the idea and plans wouldn’t go away so slowly we started.

After many months and much help from people who supported us along the way,

it started to take shape.

First was to get a top developer who was going to come in under budget,

and ours was a titchy one at that.


Enter Thomas Lock, a wee young chap who said he could help create and make our dreams come true.

Thomas is part of a team called Freshplay

After much asking, wanting and demanding, Thomas eventually put his hair back in and created just what we wanted and more.

One thing about this wee Man, nothing was too much trouble.




Now everything was coming together, now we needed that wee extra bit of help, information.

We had plenty available ourselves but sometimes to get the best you need to ask those

with the right information to come on board.

Castles, there are plenty of them, and we have visited most,

but with the help of the Castle Guy  Simon Forder

we had suddenly all the links to all the information on all the castles along the route.


Next up, how to get to here and there, well, we got lucky when Walk Highlands joined in too.

Now if anyone knows how to get here and there it is them.

We also have golf courses, and we needed help with them, and hey ho along comes,

Top 100 Golf Courses who cover nigh on every Golf Course in the World.

Then the final piece in the jigsaw, we got help from the one and only

Britainexpress, and with David and family onboard we were nigh on ready.

The last piece of the Jigsaw, you,

we need you and we think you will like what you get.


Available Now for pre-order on both Android and iOS with a release date of the 18th of  June 2020, we feel we have an app ready for those planning a trip that want their own Map.

Oh, and if you think you have created the ‘Best” Map, then you can have it added to our Explore section.





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