From Canada with Love

From Canada with Love





One of our Favourite places we’d love to visit would certainly be Canada.


It is just one of those places with such a strong Highland connection that many of us would have relatives there including us.


But the world is a funny place and with recent events and the Coronavirus or Covid-19 just to confuse us all, life suddenly changed.

We came across a lovely Canadian Lady called Shawna Aron who was devastated that her planned trip to the Highlands was now off due to this virus.  Like many many people, their dream holiday was off or on long term hold.

Shawna, who if you are a motorbike enthusiast the name must mean something as she certainly is in the Motorbike World.

Shawna contacted us to tell her story and how life was with her just as the UK went into lockdown.

She told us,


“We, haven’t cancelled yet but doesn’t look good as the airline is suspended until Apr 23 and so MAYBE if they open up flights then we will be there. 6 of the B&B have closed or closing.

I sent them all an email the other day stating if we can travel we will (been very diligent here at home) but in reality, since you’re a bit behind we may not be able to visit.

We understand and don’t want to cancel but may have no choice. I did state to all the vendors that we will come in May 2021 and as soon as we can change flights we will, but want to wait as we can travel at the last minute.

Sadly one has indicated they are going to charge a 20% non-refundable deposit. Ouch!

Won’t be good for tourism. I won’t rebook as something like this is not anyone’s fault, and who knows what the future brings.

I understand cancelling for many reasons that some do, but to be forced to cancel for something like this, should it happen again, the guest should not have to lose.

Every country is taking a hit. 40,000 workers in Niagara Falls just lost their jobs.





I’ll keep you posted and if anything I’ve learned from your site and others is we’re going to come for longer.

I also want to come and ride a motorcycle there which is how I found out about the NC500.

It was in my Harley magazine. I ride and I raced (google me) so will do it one day.

What it takes to drive around the NC500 I can do here in 7 hours. Thanks for all the info – I enjoy reading the posts and although I’ve never been there I’d probably make a great tour guide as I spent about 200 hrs formulating my 20-day road trip. ”


It was great communicating with Shawna, and to hear how things were or her dealing with our B&B’s and how life is in Canada.


Hopefully, the next time we hear, it will be good news, and she has a trip that will be more than just a memory.


Please, everyone, Stay Safe, don’t take chance, and we will Welcome Shawna and everyone else once this has all Passed and the Sunshine’s for real on the Highlands.




Shawna was the 2004-05 Canadian Women’s Cup Open Expert Champion is also proud to be considered an ambassador in sportbike racing; when she first jumped on a 600CC Yamaha back in 2000 on a dare, Aron was the only female to line up against the men, reaching top speeds of 270 kilometres an hour. Now, there are several women across the country competing and they have had their own race division for the last three years, thanks in part to Aron’s track-blazing.







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