Scotland’s Route 66 App


Here at Scotland’s Route 66, we like to keep things simple, and we hope that you will find our App, Simple to use.


The app has been designed to assist in planning your journey and allows you to make as many Maps as you wish, each Map costs Nothing.

In the EXPLORE section, we have ready-made curated Maps if you wish to choose one of them or use them as a guide.

Make a Map a Day,

Make one just for your Accommodation or places to visit, the choice is all up to you.




Also in the App is the current weather situation at over 10 locations throughout the region allowing you to know what to expect at your next destination.

But the main part is the creation of your very own Map.  Add your Accommodation, places you want to visit or even the petrol stations and the best places for a meal out or just a quick bite to eat.

The combinations are endless, it really is up to you on how you want to create “Your Journey”

Once complete, you can download the Map if you wish for off-line use.

The Maps once created have built-in Navigation to help assist you on your trip.


How easy is it really to create a Map…


Check it out for yourself.




Remember, It Is More Than Just A Journey