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With the recent news that the Government is to introduce new Immigration laws based on a points system, it appears this may be a disaster here North of the Border.

Without getting into a political debate which will be rather hard as it is all based on political decisions.

Scotland is heavily dependent on EU workers.

An article recently by


“In Scotland, the debate about immigration plays differently. Since the middle of the last decade, there has been a cross-party consensus at Holyrood that immigration is an important part of the answer to Scotland’s demographic challenge. Without new blood, Scotland’s workforce will age, and it would become more difficult to support public services for those in retirement.

That consensus began when Labour’s Jack McConnell was first minister, and the SNP has enthusiastically made the case for immigration since it took office in 2007. Retaining free movement and recruitment of EU nationals is one of its main reasons for supporting continued EU membership.”



Following on from that, the big immigration question for Scotland, while in the UK, is whether it could and should have its own migration powers – being able to grant residency and work rights to foreign nationals, on condition that they work only in Scotland.

A version of that applies in Australia, where state governments can issue work permits. It is argued that it would be harder to make it work in a smaller country and could let migrants into England by the back door.

But there has been increasing traction for the idea, particularly as businesses have felt frustrated by the Theresa May approach to cutting numbers. It has been suggested also for north-east England and for the City of London.

But Scotland’s first minister said it would be “impossible to overstate how devastating” this would be, making it “much harder” to attract workers.

She wants powers over migration to be devolved to Holyrood so a separate system can be established north of the border.

We feel that the new policy will not serve Scotland well and not only in the hospitality industry but much more.

If Westminster was as it says willing to work to keep the UK united then why does it not speak and work together to help us stay together.

We feel that this is a disastrous and not only for the industries in Scotland but elsewhere like some parts of Northern England who have asked for a similar type of Visa system that the Scottish Government was proposing.

The end result could be higher wages in certain industries to try to entice us in the UK to do the work we have basically refused to do for the last 20 years, and get those sitting on benefits that have been therefore years to actually do a days work, or introduce a visa.


Someone needs to find an answer…….















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