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This coming Home is our App, Finally after a long hard expensive struggle of trying our best to develop an App that will aid people wishing to travel the route.

Our idea started with many people asking many questions about where to go, what to do and where to stay.

For the outset, we produced many maps as we felt the current ones available were clogged with markers for everything under the sun.

So we set about producing Maps for accommodation, Waterfalls, Castles, Beaches, Petrol Station, attractions and the list goes on and on.

Then we thought what f we could add these Maps on an App, and make them so people could use them to navigate from a-b-c and so on.

But wait a minute, in the Highlands what about poor signals, mhhh, bet find a way so people can download them if they wish.

Then what about the weather especially for the Brits, the most common subject we speak about.

What about the cost, that was a huge worry as the average price is about £10,000 to £20,000.



App Listing


So, being typically Scottish we searched how to find a bargain.

No way could we afford that price.

Finally, we find a chap called Thomas Lock from Fresh Play Ltd and with his guidance our App started to take shape.

Several Month later we were ready and today we are.

Today the App comes out or Pre-Order and finally becomes on general sale.

We sincerely hope that this will help people, plan their journeys.

They can create as many Maps as they wish, there are no hidden costs, so they can create 1 or 20.

Create one for each Day or one just for their accommodation or places they want to visit, the combination is endless and personal.

If they think they have a great Map they can have it added to the Explore section allowing other folks to use their Map.

We intend to listen to people and update the app with the changes they want, we will continually add maps for other helpful places people want, from places to Wild Camp and any other people can think of

This is our first attempt, and it will grow and improve

Finally, we hope that people enjoy the App, but more importantly, it helps them remember the Highlands and the Route is “More Than Just a Journey”

We hope if you decide to purchase that You Do, enjoy the App, we do….



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