Smoo Cave
Smoo Cave

#1 Durness

Durness, the One place on the Route that just seems to have it all.

Durness is not just a place for a visit, it is the ideal place for a Holiday or being used as a base to explore so much more.

With Great accommodation a No1 Campsite, a Stunning Beach and much to see and do you won’t be bored in this place.

Probably its best-known attraction is the Must-See Smoo Cave.

Smoo Cave is a dramatic and spectacular sea cave, set into the limestone cliffs and is certainly one not to be missed.

If you want to venture further into the cave, there are guided “Geological” tours. These tours last about 20 minutes and start with a short boat ride that takes you to the other side of the Cave.

Fancy a Chocolate then Visit Cocoa Mountain at Balnakeil.  

Cocoa Mountain uses exotic truffle flavours in its chocolates and produces its own hot chocolate served on the premises in the Cocoa Mountain Chocolate Bar.

This really is Chocolate Heaven.

Just up the road from Cocoa Mountain and Balnakeil Craft Village is the wonderful Long and wide sandy beach of Balnakeil. In the Late Summer Evenings, you can enjoy the wonderful and peaceful Highland Sunset.

10 minutes or so East of Durness is a Place for the Thrill Seeker, The Golden Eagle Zip line

In this fun and extremely thrilling zip lining experience with some amazing views, it is an experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

More Info :Smoo Cave : Cocoa Mountain: Balnakeil Beach :Golden Eagle Zip Line

#2 Strathnaver Museum

In the Highlands, our history and culture are very important to us. We are blessed with many great Museums that helps to tell Our Story of our Ancestors.

Strahnaver Museum is certainly one if not the Best at telling what the Highlands Story is all about.

Its main theme is the tragic story of the Highland Clearances, it has a room dedicated to the Clan Mackay and also tells the story of crofting life.

For anyone interested in the Real Story of the Highlands then Strathnaver Museum is a must.

More Info: Strathnaver Museum

Loch Maree Picnic SIte

#3 Kirkton Farm Buggy Tours

Kirkton Farm Buggy tours is a definite stop for everyone. It really is a great way to see and feel a farm and have fun at the same time.  Kids will love this as much as Adults, and in some cases, the adults love it more.

At the Farm, you are guaranteed fun and informative experience of their traditional family-run hill farm in their off-road all-terrain 4 wheel drive buggy.

A tour takes one and a half to two hours. Stopping off at various points around the farm, you will get the chance to get up and personal with some of our animals, including our friendly Highland Cows, sheep and pygmy goats. 

It’s Fun and definitely worth it

More Info : Kirkton Farm


#4 Dunnet Bay Distillery

Dunnet Bay Distillery  Formed by Martin and Claire Murray in 2014 after a long-held desire to return to their hometown of Caithness.

Together with their Gin Still Elizabeth, they set to work perfecting their Rock Rose recipe.

In Scotland we are renowned the World over for Whisky Distilleries and Now the Famous Dunnet Bay Distillery is one Not to be Missed

Visit Site :Dunnet Bay Distillery

Dunnet Bay Distillery

#5 Mary Ann's Cottage

Mary Ann’s Cottage is not a museum.  The furniture, fittings, and artefacts of all kinds are original: nothing has been brought in to make it appear more “authentic”.

Her grandfather John Young had built the cottage in 1850, and the croft was successively worked by him, his son William, and finally his grand-daughter, Mary-Ann and her husband James Calder.  Over the three generations, the way of life and working practices had continued largely unaltered.

Mary-Ann died peacefully on the eve of her 99th birthday in September 1996, but visitors will find as they go round the building that her robust spirit still pervades the Croft.


More Info : Britainexpress

#6 RSPB Dunnet Head

Dunnet Head holds the Honours of being Britains Most Northenly Point, not John O’Groats as many think.

The Lighthouse which sits perched on the Clifftop looks North to the Orkney Island of Hoy and East to the wee Isle of Stroma and the North Sea and West to the Wild Atlantic, this is a wondrous place for everyone.

Bird Lovers can delight at its wild and untamed landscape, with stunning sea cliffs and coastal grasslands which are home to puffins, razorbills, guillemots, fulmars and kittiwakes.


More Information: Dunnet Head

Castle of Mey

#7 Castle & Gardens of Mey

The Castle & Gardens of Mey  are Operated under the ownership of The Queen Elizabeth Castle of Mey Trust and The Prince’s Foundation, both of which Prince Charles is president of.

Used for many years as the Queen Mothers summer retreat she had the gardens restored after years of neglect

The Gardens consist of the Walled Garden and the East Garden with a woodland area, the overall design remains much as it was in The Queen Mother’s time.

It really is such a lovely place to visit and is stunning at the height of summer, when open.


More Info Castle of Mey

#8 John O'Groats

John O’Groats Famed the World over and possibly the One place that everyone stops at.

It can be a very busy place at times but it has much more to offer than just the Famous ‘Sign Post’

From Great little places to shop and eat there is plenty to see and do.

Take your time and add a day and take a day trip to Orkney via the local ferry, and you will be glad you did, even for a Day Orkney is truly a Wonderful place.

Whilst at John O’Groats, make time for a wee trip and walk to the Awesome Duncansby Stacks.

Drive to the Car Park next to the Lighthouse in about 10mins or less.  

These cliffs around here are really something else but take a Walk to the Stacks but we recommended walking beyond them for even more spectacular Views and your rewards will be worth the effort.

Before leaving the Area and especially if your a family seriously consider Puffin Croft Farm. It is not even a 5 minute drive and you’re there.

At the Farm you can even stay at their B&B, or visit their fab Shop. Best of all you can get in and about with all the animals, up close and personal for everyone. Kids will just love this Place, in fact, adults will get carried away too.

Don’t by pass, them, make that time, you will be so glad you did.

More Info:  John O’Groats Duncansby Stacks Puffin Croft Farm

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