Best NC500 Blogs

Best blogs about the NC500 route


When planning to do the route, one of the best ways to discover where and what you want to do, where and what you need to find and where and what you need to take, and where and what you need to know, then there is nothing better than checking out peoples Blogs where you will find and discover their experiences as they travelled on their journey.

One thing about the route is that there is a million and one things to discover, to go, to see, to do, to find, to photograph, the list is endless.  


The Travelling Photographer


This is a New Blog which hasn't even started and already I am excited about it already.

Kate Wooldridge is heading up the road from Shropshire to Inverness on the 16th of December, going clockwise and spending New Year's Eve, (Hogmanay too us Highlanders) in Dornoch and she will be blogging with aerial and ground photography, which should be brilliant to see.

But She would like to some help if you can, to enhance her NC500 experience with portraits of travellers and locals on the route. She is a professional photographer so if anyone is interested let her know.

I for one have already signed up on to her Blog page for updates on her travels and I think you should too.

It is going to be very interesting to she how she gets on over Christmas and New Year, so from us all at Scotlands Route 66, we wish the very best on her travels and make it a safe one. Click below and subscribe







NC500 Wheelchair Accessibility


  Something I don't believe that has been covered on the NC500 website or another site to such a depth.

It is Avery important issue and it is great that this Blog has been posted and now available for all to Read. Steven Jack, is a 42 years old wheelchair user who was born with Spina Bifida.

He is also a double amputee, who had my first leg amputated in 2009 and the other in 2012. So in a way, who better to do a blog on such a subject than Steve himself. Not only does he tell you about each day of the trip and each Hotel he stayed at, he also tells about his experiences at visitor attractions.

At the end of the blog he comments on each Hotel he was at.

I think this blog is tremendous and deserves a bit of publicity to get more people aware of its existence, so if you can share then please do so. And a huge Pat on the Back to Steve, great Blog.

Click for the Blog


Steve Jack 



The North Coast 500....The East Road

Now here's a Blog that I saw and thought, yep this is a girl I like.

To me and I have said it before, I can never understand why most folk spend days going up the West and North only to fly past some of the most interesting parts and places the NC500 has to offer.

Now This Girl, Ale Carini, is a Wee Lassie from Italy and she writes her Blog in her native language, but fret not as the internet is magic.

When you click on the link for her blog, scroll down and look for the Google Translate button and select your preferred language and hey presto.......its there, and you are going to just love her blog.

She also has some fabulous Photos and helps prove that the East is a superb place to travel and visit.

There is so much more to this Italian Lassie and we hope she comes back to Scotland as it will be great reading about her new exploits.


Click on her map and enjoy her Blog......Its a Cracker





Forget Someday


  Forget Someday


Here is another great Blog that has been on the go for some time, but still one of the best original NC500 Blogs.

Sam and Toccara, travel bloggers who love to seek out new places and experience different cultures.

Its a Real well laid out blog splitting the route in to nice and easy to follow sections.

The Give plenty of advice and show all the places and more that you may consider visiting.

Along with some great Photos, this is one of those Definitive Blogs that is well worth a read from start to finish.


Check it out HERE





Kilted Photographer



Here is a Great Blog and Well worth a read from a Photographer who even wears a Kilt, hence the title, The Kilted Photographer.

Even though he has great NC500 Blog with some terrific photos, take time out and check out his other posts.

One in Particular that's worth checking out is his blog about, Photography Trip & Course to the Isle of Skye.

There you will see stunning photos and make Thomas one to follow if theses photos are his standard.

Even his Youtube Channel has some real good and interesting Videos, so subscribe to that also.


Check out the Kilted Photographer HERE



Atlantic Edge


First one up is not so much a Blog but its different to all the rest.

Atlantic Edge is an online Podcast, which if you choose you can download via iTunes and listen back to when ever you wish.

The idea is simple, but it's great. Its all about the people and the places that make up the North Western part of the route covering Durness and Cape Wrath.

With this you will hear direct from the locals themselves giving a very different insight to the area the Live and Work Click To Check it Out.



Gem by Jem



This is one Blog that I am really waiting for.

This one is a Gem by Jem, a Girl that seems to have done it all in many respects from being an avid walker, rambler, hiker, to name just a few.

She Starts her Solo trip in September so like me you can follow here blog as it happens.

Jem was diagnosed with MS in 2008, but this girl is truly amazing, I strongly suggest you read her other blog post, "I Would Walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more".  


So all I can say is Roll on September, and Safe Trip Jem Click to Check it Out.  








Home on Wheels is going to be a Fab Read.

Its New and all about Dave and Anne From Leeds.

It is a Blog about how they decided one day to Quit their jobs, buy a motor home and travel Europe.

Now the Best part is they are on route to travel the NC500.

Hopefully we will get plenty update and Stories as they travel the Route.

I strongly suggest you subscribe to the blog to get the updates as and when they post them.


Click to Check it Out