The Forgotten King of Scotland

The Forgotten King of Scotland



The King of Scotland?


So who is this forgotten King of Scotland.

To me I always thought it was Idi Amin. I always remember him calling himself the proclaimed King of Scotland, serious, funny, it all depended who you were, personally I thought it was hilarious.

Uganda was a protectorate of the British Empire before becoming independent in 1962, and when Idi Amin took over Uganda in 1971, he was not nostalgic about the country's colonial past.

He became fascinated with the history of Scotland, which had rebelled against British rule centuries earlier. Amin even went so far as to create a Scottish band, sending men to the country to learn the bagpipes and having them dress in kilts and Scottish regalia for official events.

When Britain broke off diplomatic ties with the country, Amin declared himself Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa, and he offered Scotland to take on the role of their king and free them from oppression.

Scotland never took him up on his offer, and his brutal regime came to an end before the decade ended. Idi Amin fled to Saudi Arabia, where he lived in exile until his death in 2003.

But after Amin, someone else pronounced himself the rightful heir to the Throne of Scotland .

The man himself is, by his title, HRH Prince Michael James Alexander Stewart, 7th Count of Albany, and by the way that's him up above.

Michel Roger Lafosse (born 21 April 1958 in Watermael-Boitsfort, Brussels, Belgium),  subsequently known as Michael James Alexander Stewart of Albany, and he claims to be a descendant of Charles Edward Stuart better known to you and I as Bonnie Prince Charlie, and to be the legitimate Jacobite claimant to the throne of the Kingdom of Scotland.

Since 1979 he has referred to himself as "HRH Prince Michael James Alexander Stewart, 7th Count of Albany", stating that an ancestor used the title "Count of Albany". Lafosse also says he has the right to other noble titles including Comte de Blois, Duc d'Aquitaine and Baron Lafosse de Chatry.

The Royal House of Stuart became extinct in the male line with the death in 1807 of Henry Benedict Stuart, called "King Henry IX" by the Jacobites, who succeeded his elder brother Charles Edward Stuart in 1788. Charles was survived only by an illegitimate daughter, Charlotte Stuart, Duchess of Albany, and her own illegitimate son Charles Edward Stuart, Count Roehenstart and daughters.

The Jacobite claim to the British throne then passed to members of various continental Catholic dynasties, most recently to Franz, Duke of Bavaria, head of the Wittelsbach dynasty.

Lafosse claims that this history is inaccurate and that the Stuart line did not end with the death of Henry Benedict Stuart. Instead, Lafosse says that Charles Edward Stuart secretly obtained a papal annulment of his marriage to Princess Louise of Stolberg-Gedern and, subsequently, in a secret ceremony, married a woman called Marguerite O'Dea d'Audibert de Lussan, Comtesse de Massillan.

He says this union produced an heir in 1786, a son, Edward James Stuart, Count Stuarton, Count of Albany, from whom he says he is descended.

Lafosse says he is the son of "HRH Princess Renee Stewart, Lady Derneley" and according to Lafosse, the senior descendant in the female line of Edward James Stuart, and "Gustave Lafosse de Chatry, 5th Baron de Chatry".

These individuals, as well as others, are listed in an extensive genealogy presented by Lafosse as evidence that he is descended from the last Stuart King of Scotland. There is some disagreement over who Lafosse's parents and ancestors were.

Lafosse says he was born on 21 April 1958 in the Ville de Bruxelles district, and that his parents were Baron Gustave Joseph Fernand Clément Lafosse and Princess Renée Julienne Stewart.

In 2002, Brussels authorities stated that this certificate is a forgery, and that they have a birth certificate showing that Lafosse was born in Brussels on 21 April 1958, in the Watermael-Boitsfort district to Gustave Joseph Clément Fernand Lafosse, a shopkeeper, and Renée Julienne Dée, a business employee.

A Book titled The Forgotten Monarchy of Scotland Written by Michel Lafosse  published in Shaftesbury, England, in 1998. The book claims to provide previously unknown accounts of the life of Charles Edward Stuart, the last head of the Royal House of Stuart, during his exile from Britain.

Lafosse, who claims descent from Charles, includes within the book various accounts of previously unknown marriages and births within the Royal House of Stuart, beginning with the secret annulment of the marriage of Charles Edward Stuart and Princess Louise of Stolberg-Gedern, and his subsequent remarriage to Marguerite O'Dea d'Audibert de Lussan, Comtesse de Massillan.

On 18 June 2006 the Sunday Mail reported that Lafosse was to be deported after having lost British citizenship because, it is alleged, he submitted a forged birth certificate. Later, on 23 July 2006, the Sunday Mail reported that, in the wake of the publicity surrounding his claims and his loss of British citizenship, Lafosse had sold up his house in Edinburgh and returned to Belgium to live with his mother.


Darn, another claim to the Scottish throne has gone, who will be next, Alex Ferguson or Andy Murray, personally I say its me.........


One am Scottish and two I fancy living in a Scottish Castle with a  Salary paid by the Tax payer.........