50 Shades of Scotland

50 Shades of Scotland

  Scotlands Route 66    


It is really brilliant to have 50 Shades of Scotland feature on our website


I met Ale Carini by chance when she posted a comment on Scotlands Route 66 several months ago.


Ale explained she had a Passion for Scotland, more like a Love affair. She told me she does a Blog all about Scotland which has now extended to Ireland and her Native Italy. 

There is something about these Italians and a Love of Scotland. Since meeting with Ale I have come across other brilliant Blogs by her fellow country Men & Woman. I always though Italy was full of its own beauty and always wondered what attracts them to Scotland.


All Ale's Post are in. her native language but she has a translate button so reading and understanding it is not a Problem.


Scotlands Route 66


Over the last few months I have followed her posts on both her blog and Facebook site and each one is so well done with amazing photos.

Ale goes on to say that she is a Blogger and has passion for photography which is more than obvious with the quality of her photos.

She says that this Love and Passion for Scotland goes back a few years ago when travelling with friends she arrived at Glasgow Airport, and as she disembarked she noticed the sunny day albeit a wee bit windy, but it was from there that something happened, she felt at Home, she remembers touching the Scottish soil for the first time, and thought to her self, " Here, I Have come Home "  

That was back in 2008 and after many trips to Scotland she must have covered it all, and she feels, Home….

Reading her blog is just Joy, she tells her stories so well and the view of Scotland from her perspective is just brilliant.

She covers all areas of Scotland and in Particular the Highlands and Scotlands Route 66.



Scotlands Route 66


Ale must put a lot of time and effort in to her planning for each trip and the rewards can be seen on the detail and Photographs that she uses.

Ale also includes videos which help capture her stories and journeys so well.


Scotlands Route 66


As we said Ale is an Italian although she may argue differently knowing her passion for Scotland.

Her Blog is jammed packed with everything you need to know about visiting Scotland even if your planning your trip of the Highlands or elsewhere in Scotland I seriously beg you to check out her Blog.

It is filled with so much information from someone with a massive passion for Scotland.

I for one will be following her blog and facebook for a long time to come and if my blog of my forth coming trip is half as good as hers I will be very pleased.

Clicking on any photo will Take you to Ale's Blog.  

Enjoy it, I am sure you will.