A Highland Blend






This is A Special Feature from a Lassie who technically is not a Highlander, in fact She is not even Scottish.  

This is about a Lassie who can trace her beginnings back to Essex. ………..Yep Essex, in Englandshire.

She studied in London for 8 years, and then fate hit her when she met a Scots Lad who whisked her up to Bonnie Scotland and there the story was born.

Susan, is the lassie we are referring to in this Feature, and she spent about a year in Fife after getting married to her Scotsman, before making the move North to the Highland Capital of Inverness.

It was in 2011 whilst living in Fife she started her Blog, something small and just a passing interest. 

From there it has blossomed and grew and she called it 'Mess in the Ness' after arriving in Inverness filling it with her foodie posts and photos along with recipes and whatever was going on in the area.

Susan eventually moved even further North, without falling of the North Coast and settled in my home land of Caithness. In a sense it has been a Big Journey for this Essex Lassie, to go from the South to the North and a different lifestyle and environment.

Although not a lot has changed about her blog she is now beginning to see the beauty that is now her new Home, which is really making the blog sparkle like never before.

Susan's blog caught my eyes a while back just as she was moving north, and I am no cook or baker whatever the term is called but to be able to read her blog you certainly don't have to be either.

Susan has something more than just being passionate about what she does, and it shows in her blog posts.

The photos are just mouth watering. What sets Susans Blog from all the others is pure joy you get just reading about all her dishes and where she has been.

If you're looking stories about Caithness Chocolate, then check her post on her visit, it's a brilliant post with photos that make your mouth drip…..

Susan is now exploring her surroundings around the North and blogs about where she has been, it is an excellent way to find out about certain attractions from someone who just tells it as it is.

That's what I like about her, nothing fancy, just as it is…….. If your after Blog posts about travel on places throughout the World then check out her Travel section.  




Her Blogs are Great, even a trip to the Black Isle and her discription of places are just more than food, it's everything By this time, our tummies were rumbling, so we stopped in at The Allangrange Arms in Munlochy – which we were told later by friends had been recently refurbished.

I don’t know what the previous pub was like but the new style was very trendy with fairy lights, aged wooden floors, a cool rocky playlist and an extensive wine and beer list.

We settled for two burgers from a wide-ranging menu of options, which were literal towers! Delicious!

There are already a few good eateries on the Black Isle (Sutor Creek being one, Storehouse of Foulis being another!) so it’s good to see something complementary now available in Munlochy.



Even her trips abroad are great.

The detail and the simplicity is brilliant.

And excuse my ignorance, although I haven't hear of Zadar, after this post, I am Looking already.

In fact Zadar was the perfect place to potter around, and with the exception of a one night trip down the coast to Sibenik (more on this in a future post), we spent the week in an easy routine of feasting on local market delicacies for breakfast/brunch, exploring the city streets and architecture,  reading, afternoon naps, catching sunsets and sampling some delicious Croatian cuisine.        


And now travelling more in the North she is already blogging about quite a few places and one is none other than the Fabulous Dornoch.

This 15th century castle is a family run hotel, and is very popular with golfers visiting the Royal Dornoch course, and whisky enthusiasts perusing the local distilleries along the east coast of the A9.

The hotel is also home to a cosy whisky bar, relaxed restaurant and even an on-site distillery (more on that later!) which only a few hotels in the UK can claim! First, we were shown through to the restaurant, and our tea and coffee order taken.         


These are just wee samples of her blog, and it honestly is a definite read  more so now if you are thinking of the North Coast 500.

Obviously she has a NC500 travel section which I am sure is about to grow and we can't wait to see where she is off to next.

Just choose a topic from her blog and if it's Food, you'll be richly rewarded with brilliant stories, recipes and reviews with photos that are just…Mhhh

If you want travel stories then she has plenty of that and from all over the world, they are brilliantly written and with her brilliant photos it makes them great reads, even if you don't intend to go there, they are just all worth a read.

We certainly hope she is out and about much more this summer with plenty more reviews and photos.

I certainly look forward to receiving her emails of when she has updated her Blog, so remember to subscribe as you won't be disappointed.

Hopefully this year we will see more of her NC500 travels and more food reviews hopefully from around the North Coast 500 as we all love to know the best places to go for a fine bite.

Caithness Chocolate

Susan certainly knows how to photograph as well as Bake and write a Blogs and Walk her Dog, makes you wonder what she can't do, probably not a lot.

Susan I think calls it a Foodie Blog, I certainly call it much more than that, its mouthwatering what ever way you look and read it. It is a Blog which is growing and blossoming into one of the Best we have come across.

We recommend it not just for the Photos, or the Food, or where she has been, we recommend it simple because it is Good…..  


Check it out and don't forget to subscribe for yummy updates.