Chelsea Dickenson

Chelsea Dickenson


To some, you may already know Chelsea, to others it maybe a case of, Who's She ? To me she is one real clever Lady. I first came across Chelsea in a News Article entitled, "Thrifty traveller who spent £1,709 going to ten places abroad shares how to make your money stretch' My first reaction after my eyes popped out of my head in astonishment was How the hell. Then I sat back and read the article and immediately leapt onto her Youtube videos. Now if you start with her first video she explains it all very well. For me, to get one holiday for £1,709, would be good, but to get 10, this has to be worth a watch. According to a study by train ticket retailer Trainline conducted in December 2016, the average Brit spends an astonishing £3,418 on just one trip - that's double the amount Chelsea had to play with.

Chelsea, who works as a TV production coordinator, set herself certain rules to stick by which included that trips must be two nights or more and two of her holidays had to be five nights or more. She also set herself the challenge of one flight having to be business class.

Her other aim was to get to at least three continents.

The more I read and watched the more I thought this has got to be a con surely it is not possible with those rules. But after contacting Chelsea she then went on to say "I'm currently planning to do the North Coast 500 later on this year - I became a bit obsessed after seeing Rough Guides' video about it on Facebook! I'm excited to see how I can save money on that trip too " She may well be excited, I am planning mine so it will be interesting to see what she does with the North Coast 500. Her article is well worth a read and her Youtube Channel and her website so make sure you follow here blog and am more than sure you will be picking up amazing holidays at brilliant prices.  


It's amazing the advice and tips Chelsea gives out and am dying to put her advice to work for my future holidays……..maybe save enough to get an extra one. Chelsea ended up with these fantastic Holiday for one lowly price. Chelsea had three nights in Valencia, Spain, four nights in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, two nights in Aarhus, Denmark, two nights in Dublin, Ireland, three nights in Benidorm, Spain, two nights in Margate, UK, fourteen nights in Paris, France, two nights in Gdansk, Poland, two nights in Timisoara, Romania and eight nights in New York and Miami in the US, me, am speechless at that list  


Here are some of Chelsea's  advice and Tips They Are :  not hitting search and hoping for the best prices on the dates you’ve searched for, websites like ​Skyscanner​, ​Kayak​ and ​Momondo ​allow you to see when it’s cheapest to fly to your desired destination.

If you’re not too sure where to go, ​Skyscanner​ and ​Kayak​ also allow you to see what locations are the cheapest for your timeframe. You can do this by typing in ‘Everywhere’ for the destination on Skyscanner, or by clicking the‘explore’​ function on Kayak.
Trviago​ is a great option for checking you’ve got the best price for your hotel. My extra tip here is to always click on ‘More Deals’ and don’t just settle for the collection of prices they offer you. Also Don’t stay in a hotel
Airbnb​ has been around long enough that most of us to know the huge savings that can be made from staying in someone’s home when abroad. My favourites are ​windmu​, ​ownersdirect​ and ​holidaylettings​. I recently found ​hometogo​ which searchings over 250 holiday rental websites which can really cut down on time.
If you are staying in a hotel, get a free upgrade! The good old ‘tell them it’s your birthday’ is hardly a new trick, however, I know that these white lies can often come with a feeling of awkwardness. So my advice is to instead email ahead and tell the hotel that you’re really looking forward to staying and let them know how you discovered them - ‘I came across your hotel on instagram and thought it looked so nice!’. Then, ask a question which allows you to work in your reason for coming - ‘could you recommend a nice restaurant in the area? We’re here for a special occasion and I’d really like to surprise my boyfriend/friend/relative’. Not going away for a special occasion you say? Nonsense. If you’re spending your hard earned cash, that’s exactly what it is!
Sign up for cashback I always say to not book just because of a good cashback deal (sometimes they don’t come through and you’re left feeling cheated) but if you’re buying anyway, make sure you do it through a cashback site! ​Quidco​ is the UK’s number one but I actually prefer ​TopCashback​ - I’ve earned more than £150 in the last year! Remember to not just stop at hotels and flights - it’s worth using it to buy your travel insurance, trains and car hire as well. And More...
These are just a taste of the Tips the Chelsea has up her sleeve. I am astounded and amazed that know-one has thought of these before. I look forward to Chelsea's Trip to the Highlands. I sincerely hope she has one heck of a great time and that the Weather Gods are kind to her, but sometimes the Highlands can look stunning in the worst of weather. So if you now have a taste to go hunting for a money saving holidays or two then get onto Chelsea's blog and subscribe so not to miss out on any future Hints and Tips and am sure all the Latest of her North Coast 500 Trip.

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