For the Love of the West

For the Love of the West



    When you love something, then go for it.

One thing I have discovered is that so many non Scots from Countries Far and Wide have, and do show so much Love towards our Wee Country.

Time and again I find new Facebook Pages and Blogs all dedicated to Scotland and from places I at least expect it.

I have made friends with some, and even they have put me to shame with their terrific Blogs and Web Pages.

Being a born and Bred Highlander I always thought I knew much more about my own country, then I discover something new from a blog done by an Italian or an American.  

These folk are fantastic and their online information blogs are better than most Scots.


This Feature goes one better than a Blog, it goes to two people who for the Love of Scotland went even further. Sophie and Philip Van Oyenbrugge decided to do what most of us would love to do, take the life changing plunge and do what you always wanted to.   For Sophie and Philip it was to travel to Scotland from their home in Belgium to open a B&B and change their lives for ever. So leaving Family and fiends behind and the only life they knew, they travelled to Scotland to start a New beginning.



Nothing was ever going to be the same, they turned their world upside down and inside out and are now living the Dream as the Welcome people from all over the World to see and live in one of the most Spectacular places on Earth.

They spent ages travelling Scotland seeking out their new life. After plenty travelling the urge to return to the West Coast was always there. This urge brought them back to the part of the West Coast they now call 'Home'    



    They found the right place which turned out to be an old Barn, so they set about converting it into a modern two bedroomed B&B. and they decided to call it after each other, Philip and Sophie breaking it down into  'Philosophy' as when they came to Scotland in 2016 to change their lives forever, what they had was a new philosophy of life for them .




This was only the beginning as they decide to not only start a B&B but to fit in as best they could with those around them.
So began a long journey of learning and learning from the Best.
To make a full Scottish Breakfast you need to know how.
They learnt from the best, the Locals.
From how to prepare a breakfast that was scrumptious and looked Devine to preparing a great Bowl of Scots Porridge Oats.
They purchase virtually all the products they use from local sources, the Butcher, at Lochinver to marmalade from Culkein.
And the ingredients don't stop there. With 22 Free Range hens they have a constant supply of Fresh Eggs, so with every breakfast you won't get much fresher eggs than here.
Their skills don't just stop at eggs and porridge but they have even got the skills to make their own Yoghurt and Granola.
So not only do they offer the Perfect B&B, in the most scenic of Scottish places, they offer all this homemade cooking for a fresh breakfast to give you the energy to start your day off.




Assynt is waiting for you to explore. The mountains have dramatic shapes and since they stand alone you can see the distinctive shapes of each one , including the iconic Suilven. Stunning to be by the sea on one of the beautiful beaches, looking across to the Western Isles or to the mountains of Wester Ross. 

Once here, there is a huge choice of things to see and do depending on your interests.

Assynt is a hill walkers paradise with Suilven, Canisp, Cul mor and Cul Beag, Quinaig just for starters.

Assynt is in an International Geopark which has a centre at Knockan where you can find how our hills were shaped millions of years ago. 

The sea offers exciting possibilities for swimming, sailing, kayaking or just messing about at the water’s edge. There are also boat trips from Lochinver, Kylesku and Achiltibuie. Again you will find information at the visitor Centre in Lochinver.

There is stalking for red deer on our hills. But if you do not want to shoot but would like to shoot photos this is the place for you. Apart from the spectacular landscape there is an abundance of wild life – deer, otters, birds and sealife.  A photographer’s paradise.



If archeology is your interest there is an active local group who welcome you to digs. There is a broch at Stoer which is to be restored to make it safe for us all to visit and imagine life here many centuries ago.

You can take a wee trip to Stoer lighthouse which is one of nearly 200 that are located all around Scotland’s wild coastline. Operated and maintained by the Northern Lighthouse Board they warn ships of dangerous waters and provide important navigational information. Between 1797 and 1938 Robert Stevenson and his descendants designed most of Scotland’s Lighthouses, including this dramatic building. The remote and challenging lighthouse locations underwrite an amazing historical achievement.




    It is really hard to explain just how fabulous this place is, with all that's around it, you'd be foolish to pass it by.  

The list is endless, hence why this is a perfect place for a holiday on its own.