Caledonia Dreaming

Caledonia Dreaming


Many people long to visit Scotland, many who are not even Scots by Birth. There is something magical about Scotland that lures and draws people from all over the World. Many seek a source where they can claim to be Scots through their parents or even ancestors. This Feature is one of a different kind.

Here we welcome none other than Samuel Alexander Barbour. Now Samuel is, as far as he is concerned a Scot, born in Harpenden in England to a Father from Scotland who instilled the love of Scotland into Samuel and from there on in his heart has always been across the wall in Scotland. Like many of us, life takes us away from home, some for a short time and others for too long. Samuel as he says, is a Primary School teacher living and working in Hong Kong. He also is a singer songwriter. He studied Classical music at Edinburgh Napier University. His father was a born and bred Paisley boy and it was from him his love of Scotland came. Even as child he had to fight off many kids in the play ground over his Scottish stance. Although his Mother was born and bred in England he says his Heart has always been North of the Border.  He manages a holiday or two to his mother who now lives across the border in West Kilbride but he yearns for the day when he gets the time to discover much more of this Scottish homeland.

Although Samuel's father is no longer with us, it is he, who Samuel feels gave him the inspiration to turn to song writing and especially the song Caledonia Dreaming. I first heard this song a few weeks ago and to me it is one of those songs, that will be loved by those living away from home and even those still here. I myself spent many years away form Scotland and the time away makes you appreciate just how lucky we are and how lucky we should feel and proud about the country we live in. There are many countries much much worse off than our own. Caledonia Dreaming just makes you feel that you want to come home.

Samuel has done a great job and we will post it live here when it is available on iTunes etc. You can listen to it on Youtube and we wish him all the success with not just Caledonia Dreaming but all aspects of his music career, We also wish him well in the future and that he returns Home and gets the time to travel Scotland, as am sure his Dad will be with him all the way. Scotland is a Very Special place for all, even those who just want to be part of it, Samuel has written a beautiful song that may will connect with.  

Check out the youtube version before it becomes available on iTunes and other download platforms…