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Since we started Scotland’s Route 66 our aim has always been to help those wanting to travel the Route and those running businesses on the Route.

Our main aim is to be able to help and offer advice as best we can using our experience of a lifetime spent in the Highlands.

As time has passed and the popularity of travel to the Highlands has exploded with the conception of the NC500 we have always felt that at times we need a bit more help to offer what we can.

We have looked for folk to help bridge the Gap and use their knowledge and expertise in conjunction with what we offer.

One of the most asked questions we receive is to make Itineraries and being honest these are time consuming and to get it right which we strive to do, it was with delight when we came across Tailor-Made Itineraries.

Tailor-Made Itineraries offer more than we could ask for and are a company that shies away from monotonous and standardised tours and rather opts for customised itineraries designed around your travel dreams and wishes.

The NC500 is for those who wish to get the most out of it a simple nightmare to plan and ensure you get the best from the time you have. With Tailor-Made itineraries, they take the pain and strain from the nightmare of planning the right one for each individual.

Planning a trip and getting it right is Crucial, too many people have regretted not taking the time in planning and getting it right.  We have always maintained that ‘It is More Than Just a Journey’ and we truly believe that.

With our new Partner, Tailor-Made itineraries, we are able to offer the ideal Itineraries for those wishing to travel the Route. 

They offer what you want and promise you an itinerary that has not been sold around the world and it will not be a circuit itinerary of any kind. Your private, personalised self-guided tour will be specifically stamped to your budget, style, interests, dates of travel, and accommodation location.

With Off the Shelf or personalised Itineraries, and we personally Highly recommended going for the bespoke and Personalised ones as it offers the best deal and the one that is made, ‘Just For You’

tailor Made

And, if you feel you have done it and seen the Highlands they offer way much more than just our Neck of the Woods, they offer ones for Australia, Canada, Belgium, Japan, and more and more and more, all truly just the best and most personalised itineraries on offer.

We, from day one, have always tried to help those wanting to get the best out of the Highlands and to those who work and run businesses on the Route, and with Tailor-Made Itineraires we really are over the moon to be able to work with them to help those seeking the best experience.

We, like our New Partner promise to do our Best to Help as Much as Possible and to offer a real Personal service in all we do, we are not a large company with call centers that offer No personal touch, we are real and we do offer one to one Personal advice and service.

In Need of Help and in Need of a Personal itinerary, then Contact our Partner, Welcome to Tailor-Made Itineraries.

Mention Our Name and you may well get a Discount……








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