Something that we all need to know unless you're planning on a cycle trip.

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At Your Service 


 Pittentrail Garage Rogart  


Driving the route it is always good to know who will come to your rescue should you need it.

Just 5 mins from the A9 near The Mound by Golspie is one Garage that is willing and able to come to your rescue.

Pittentrail garage is equipped for virtually everything motorised.

From Fresh Fuel to a 24 hr Rescue and service station, these are the guys and gals to call.

If you're travelling the route it is always a good idea to keep the telephone numbers of such places as you never know when you may need them when your miles to the nearest town.

Pittentrail comes highly recommended, not just by ourselves here at Scotland's Route but by many happy customers that rate the 5 out of 5.

Check them out and note their number, you may need them.