Finally after a long hard expensive struggle of trying our best to develop an App that will aid people wishing to travel the route. Our idea started with lots of people asking many questions about where to go? what to do? and where to stay?

From the outset, we produced many maps as we felt the current ones available were clogged with markers for everything under the sun. So we set about producing multiple digital maps highlighting Accommodation, Waterfalls, Castles, Beaches, Petrol Station, and other local attractions.

Our next thought was to then add these Maps onto an App to enable people to navigate from a-b-c etc whilst en-route.  This brainwave was short lived due to sporadic internet connection, thereby the offline version came to life. 

We then thought about enabling users to a live weather update, taking the guesswork out of the day ahead.

Our next hurdle was the cost, this was a huge worry as the average price is between £10,000 to £20,000, being typically Scottish we had to find a bargain.  We finally located Thomas Lock from Fresh Play Ltd and with his guidance our App started to take shape.

Several Months later this is where we are at.

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