When we first released Version 1 of our app we did not expect to go into a nationwide lockdown and it has not helped things in the slightest with our plans and progression of the app.

That being said, it is most definitely something that is on the cards and another update has to come out and we are always open to suggestions and ideas as to where we take the app from here.

Our biggest problem is that when traveling the route the mobile phone signal can be at times slim to non existent which is where we first focused on when creating this app, however this does restrict things quite a lot. 

When we first looked into creating our very own app we were shocked at the cost of getting it created and fortunate for us we found our guardian angel  in Thomas Lock who wanted to join us at a massively reduced price.  For us to move forward with Version 2 we still need to gather up some funds which is where our merchandise comes into play.

Everything we sell online goes straight back into the business and helps keeps the site going and also helps towards our projects such as our travel map and our mobile app.

Version 2 is definitely on the cards and will be worked on next after we launch our travel map but we cant see it being launched anytime soon. There maybe a bug fix update when the world comes out of lockdown once people start using the app as there will always be teething problems and we are always here to help anyone fix these problems before leaving negative reviews.  If anyone has downloaded our app and has experienced any problems please contact us via Facebook or on our app support page 

We pride ourselves in our customer support and all we ask is a little patients and we will always get any issue resolved, we are not a large corporation which is good in a way as you know your always getting a personal response .