Building for the Future

Scotlands Route 66

As we roll into the New Year it is time to think what we are going to be doingFor us we have been thinking about it for virtually a Year already After initial set backs we have moved along very well over the last few months and a large part of that is down to youIt is great to get feedback wether it is positive or negative and we take it all onboardWe also enjoy when people like you interact with our posts here or on our Instagram Facebook or Twitter pagesBut now its 2018 and we have lots of ideas with plenty being done behind the scenesFirstly we will soon be introducing our Enhanced Interactive Maps. We hope to cover all our existing Maps such as Best B&B's Hotels Places to Visit and the list goes on. We will continue to add to these and will include best Walks on the Route and othersIf you can think of a List we should provide then let us knowThe advantage of these interactive maps is that by clicking on a Marker it will show you immediately lots of information about that specific place etcThe information may well be Text Photos Videos or a combination of all three

Scotlands Route 66

As well as these maps being interactive they will have one BIG feature and that is Interaction by people themselves.

For example if you own a B&B or an attraction (other business will follow) you will be able to input your own information correct the information we have inserted. The information motion you can input is the same as us Video Photos Text. We feel this is a great way for people to take control of what is on the site and we welcome anyone who wishes to add their serviceThe Service if FREE you pay nothing just join in and spread the word it would be great to have a one stop shop for everyone

The Features Page.

This is a page where anyone connected to or working on the Route can highlight their own attraction or service virtually what ever it maybe from a Photographer to a B&B or maybe even if you do Wildlife Cruises it doesn't matterGet in touch and we can work out you Feature Page. All the Features are only for a limited time and require a certain amount of information Photos etc from yourself so the more detail the betterEither email us at or use the contacts page and we can start from thereIf and when you have had one Features Pages there is nothing stopping you having a 2nd or 3rd its all about how many we have waiting. We love nothing better than helping folk promote their business whatever it maybe and we love doing it for FREE

And What can be better than a bit of FREE advertisement

It is a Page all for you and the Feature Page again is totally FREE

Our Final Goal of the Year so far is the Ultimate Goal

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Yes later this year the Ultimate Goal will be started and we can't wait.

After years of wanting to do this long before business men named the roads The North Coast 500 since my father drove and spoke about the Highlands and all what it has and why go abroad when you have this on your DoorstepSo 45 Years later I will travel the route as I did with my Father with my Son in towTogether we hope to travel with my dads spirit following us as we seek out all what the Highlands has to offer from the Scenery Wildlife History Hospitality and its eco systemThis is going to be a Trip which is much more than Just a JourneyWe hope to use social media as much as possible and with the use of a drone we hope to capture with some of it LIVE the trip the Journey the Highs and hopefully little or no LowsHopefully some of you will follow and join us as we make our trip and maybe even meet some of the Folk that live on the route that we have been fortunate to meet on social pages or sent us photos that would be greatSo for us its a busy year hopefully you will stick around and join us to. We want and love to get your feedback so get in touch anytimeSpread the Word as the Hardest part of making websites is the Promotion so click and link us to any Facebook page or Twitter and lets get more folk joining The Journey "