Heres a Break down of the North Coast News Stories as they Appeared in the Newspapers and other sources

North Coast Trolley Dash

This is an article on an unusual and to me a quiet unbelievable story concerning the only unspoilt part of Britain. Cape Wrath and its LighthouseVisitors to Cape Wrath lighthouse first have to cross the Kyle of Durness by ferry and are then transported to and from the lighthouse by mini busAnd 2017 was there worst year which is incredible considering the North Coast 500 is barely 2 years old

Cape Wrath Lighthouse

It appears that folk now go else where to the better  highlighted places than to the CapeMy advice to anyone travelling the route is to make this area a definite visit and get on that Ferry and the Bus to the Light House and visit the Most North Westerly Point of the British Mainland. You certainly Wont regret it at allClick to Read the Article

Records Broken at Dunrobin Castle

Another article from the same news paper tells the opposite side of the coin so to speak.

Whilst Cape Wrath is having a Bad time Dunrobin Castle has never had it so good. This year saw recored breaking visitors go over 100000 which is truly remarkable and shows just how successful the route has becomeClick to Read the Article

Hop from Gin from the Sun

And a wee story which is like a mini Blog from that Fab newspaper ' The Sun 'Yet again they give a story about a quick run around the North Coast 500. And they show ignorance as they Dash up the "Boring " East Coast ( some people don't do their homework)  before praising the North and West as usualNot only do they criticise the East but the appear to forget that the route goes from Applecross to Inverness also as they fail to mention anything about the Low RoadClick the Link for the Article 

Take your Camper van off Route

Not so much a News story but an interesting and very good article I came across this week from the Welcome to Scotland website.

It is as the title suggests Take your Camper Van away from the North Coast 500I totally agree that doing the North Coast 500 route all 516 miles of it is a great but if you have time deviating away from it has immense benefitsThroughout the Highlands there is so much to see and do the whole area is filled with fantastic and wonderful scenery but it is so rich and diverse in its history and culture that leaving the official track has so many benefitsAlthough they cover just a few places we ourselves hope to have a much more varied and comprehensive list of places to visit close to the Route without adding to much time to your journey

Click to Read the Article "