The East Road stretches from John O'Groats in the North to Inverness in the South.

This Stretch of the NC500 for some strange reason is one that most people can do in a Day.

Being born and bred and travelled this road hundreds of times, I find it very strange that this part is done so quick when it has a vast amount to offer.

The East coast is probably known for not being as scenic as the West, but what it lacks in on beauty it certainly makes up for a rich and diverese History and culture.

Our route differs slightly from the Official one in that we don't cross any of the Bridges that cross the three firths.

Avoiding these modern day roads takes you to the original road to places from days gone by, a few more miles perhaps, but more memories in the bag for you.

The East Road has History and culture from thousands of years. It is easy to take time and relive the past and see how it was for people many years gone by.

As you venture South one of the first places you come to is Wick, a place of History and culture all told in one of the best museums on the route, The Wick Heritage Museum

Whilst there spend a few minutes on the Worlds Smallest Street, Ebenezer Place.

All the way down or up depending which way your going, there are numerous villages and towns all with their own unique story to tell, and if time allowed, we would say stop at each one.

The East is full of Monuments, some for heros and others for villans, none more so than the Duke of Sutherland which stands on the Top of Ben Braggie.

Take time to work out where to go and what to see, the East has it all and too numerous to visit them all.

We have done our bit throughout this site to promote the East as it is far too important to miss.