The West Road Stretches From Applecross in the West to Durness in the North.

After Applecross you may think how can that be bettered, well keep your eyes open to see some of the most breathtaking scenery in the World as it folds before you.

As you travel the West Road you will see that at every corner there is some more amazing scenery, it just keeps getting better and better.

There are plenty villages and some larger towns that you will travel too.

But apart from Bogs, the High Road has a varied wildlife from the sea to the Land, scenery to die for and much more to offer.

The West is truly a land of breathtaking landscapes, secretive hill lochs, mist shrouded mountains and beaches fit for the Caribbean.

Drive through thriving communities with a vibrant culture stretching back thousands of years to the Neolithic ages.

This like most of the Route is a place to take your time, find a base for a few days and explore all that there is to offer, you will be glad you did.

Travelling the West gives you the chance to experience scenery that is just truly breathtaking. But lets not forget and keep your eyes peeled for the abundance of wildlife that lives on these wonderous lands.

Visit place like Ullapool, Lochinver, and even the wee settlements have much to offer, from places like Shielding, Poolewe and Achmelvich.

The whole coast is littered with villages, and small towns all full of history that you will be astonished at.