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We have come along way in two years as a Father and Son, trying to help folk plan their trip.

When we started the NC500 wouldn’t allow us to use any part of their trademarked name, so we were told to close our site down or face prosecution.

So we closed our site Then had a rethink, and thought why be defeated, so we decided to return with a different name that people would still recognise as being a site dedicated to the Scottish Highlands on the lines of The NC500.

So, Scotland’s Route 66 was born.

On a shoestring, we created a Facebook page and website but our ambition was to create an app that would be cheap but workable to help those planning a trip to the Highlands.

So, we are now close to releasing an App, with a little help from a Wonder boy Developer called Thomas.

So whilst on Lockdown, we all got together, (virtually) and the app began to take shape.




The App will allow users to create from our many maps, a trip that is personal to them.

The Maps can be downloaded to your device creating a small file that will use very little data storage.

Having the ability to have the Maps available off Line is a Big Boost, especially where the signal is weak or non-existant on the route.

Also included is the current weather in many locations around the route, allowing you to easily check how things are likely to be at your next destination.

Enhanced listings for businesses allows them to attract customers by having photos and details of their business right within the app.

Direct link to our Blog so you don’t miss any new stories that we may have available.

App App App

Once you have created your Trip you can upload it to our Explore Page on the App and share your trip with others.

When you are ready to start your trip, it will even Navigate for you, telling you where to go, just like a normal navigator.

Although this is still early days, we are doing our best to get it right, what we want is to cheaply give users and businesses a way to create and connect together to get the best from the Highlands.

Stay tuned as to when the App is Officially Released it will be done here on Our Blog First.

The best way to get it first is to subscribe as once announced here you will be notified via email.






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