Official Travel Map

-The Legend-

Welcome to the Official Travel Map Legend Page.

This is Our Paper Map Companion and should be used in Conjunction with the Map when Planning your Trip.

As well as the Map we have Our App that is available for both iOS and Android devices. The App allows you to create your own Personal Map/s and has many other features built in.

To use this with the Official Map Legend we have separated the Route into 4 Roads to break it all down and make it easier to plan your trip.

Below are all 4 Roads on the Route with corresponding colours and Numbers as per the Map.  Clicking on each one will allow you to see more detailed information on each marker that appears on the Map.

All The Markers on the Map are what we consider to be the Best places to Visit.

In the Highlands there are literally Hundreds of places and to place them on a Map would make the Map unreadable.

We are due to Launch an online digital Map that will have hundreds of Markers for everything from accommodation to Public Toilets.

Using all 3 and the App will ensure you have all the information at your finger tips for planning and Travelling the Route.

Remember, it is your Trip, The Highlands is Much More than Just a Journey.



Buy The Map : Scotlands Route 66 Map