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Navigating the single-track roads along Scotlands Route 66 can be a unique and rewarding experience, but following specific driving tips is essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey. Single-track roads are characteristic of the Highlands, and while they offer stunning views and access to remote areas, they require a courteous and considerate approach to sharing the road.

Here are some driving tips for navigating single-track roads:

1. Use Passing Places: Single-track roads are typically only wide enough for one vehicle at a time. Passing places are marked with “Passing Place” signs or indicated by widening the road. Use these designated spots to allow oncoming traffic to pass. If you reach a passing place first, pull into it and wait for the approaching vehicle to pass. If you encounter a car at a passing home, it’s common courtesy to allow them to proceed first.

2. Keep Left: Drive on the left side of the road, as in the rest of the UK. This is especially important on single-track roads to safely navigate passing places and curves.

3. Use Your Horn Sparingly: In some rural areas, it’s customary to use your horn as a friendly signal to let oncoming drivers know you’re approaching a blind curve or hill. However, be mindful not to overuse it, as excessive honking can be considered impolite.

4. Be Patient: Patience is vital when driving on single-track roads. If you encounter a slower-moving vehicle, wait for an appropriate passing place to overtake safely. Likewise, if someone is patiently waiting for you to pass at a passing home, acknowledge them with a wave of thanks.

5. Watch for Wildlife: The Scottish Highlands are home to various wildlife, and you may encounter animals on or near the road. Drive cautiously, especially during dawn and dusk when nature is more active. Slow down if you spot animals, and be prepared to stop if necessary.

6. Keep an Eye on the Weather: Highland weather conditions can change rapidly. Be prepared for rain, fog, or even snow, depending on the season. Drive at a safe speed and be cautious on wet or slippery roads.

7. Prepare for Narrow Bridges: Some single-track roads cross narrow bridges, and only one vehicle can pass at a time. Exercise caution when approaching these bridges and yield to any oncoming traffic.

8. Plan Your Stops: Use designated parking areas or passing places when taking breaks or enjoying scenic viewpoints. Avoid stopping in the middle of the road, as it can obstruct traffic.

9. Use a Suitable Vehicle: A smaller vehicle is often more convenient if you plan to drive on single-track roads. Larger vehicles, such as campervans or motorhomes, may find some sections of the route more challenging due to the narrow streets.

Following these driving tips and practising courteous road etiquette, you can navigate the single-track roads along Scotlands Route 66 safely and respectfully, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey for yourself and fellow travellers. Embracing these roads’ slower pace and scenic beauty is part of the unique charm of the Highlands.

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