What is Scotland’s Route 66

We are just a page in a way dedicated to helping people who wish to travel to the Scottish Highlands, make the most of it.

Although we are very very similar to the North Coast 500, in that we started as a Fan page to that said Route.

Due to legal trademarking laws, we were forced to change our name and hence reborn Scotland’s Route 66.

We do differ slightly from the NC500 in we believe the Route to the Highlands should start at Culloden.

Because of History, it is too important to miss Culloden out.

To travel the Highlands with an understanding of how we are here Historically will allow a greater understanding as you travel and visit certain places.

Although our route is similar it does differ ie: Along with Culloden, we say miss out on two of the modern-day bridges to allow people to see all or as much as the Highlands as possible….using the bridges cuts out a large part of the local area.

We Also Feel people travel the Highlands incorrectly. We want people to get the most out of their Trip, Stay and make bases, spend 2-3 days at least at each base and explore each area. Those who choose to Drive on a Daily Basis from A to B to C, fail to experience the Real Highlands. Don’t stick to the Route, it is there as a guide and is best used as simply a guide, you will be amazed at what lies Off the Route. It truly is, More Than Just a Journey.

We also believe in allowing folk to advertise their businesses on our site for FREE, as we want to help those living and working on the route gain the most from it.

In Short, Scotland’s Route 66 is just a Name but made by people with a Love for their Highlands.

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