As you travel the Highlands you will certainly realise that not only is the Phone signal weak and non-existent in many places but that too also covers the poor wifi signal.


We certainly say, if you want a map, either download one or even one of ours and print them off or store them on your phones or ipads, etc.
Many business and accommodation providers advertise that they offer Free Wifi, but be assured that if you come from a large city, don't expect the wi-fi to be of similar speeds. 
Much is being done throughout the Highlands by the Scottish Government along with other companies who are starting at long last to get the infrastructure in place to provide much better broadband and GPS provision throughout the Highlands, but this will take time.

We also say that you should also download an app, (available on iOS and Android) called, 'what3words'.
Hopefully, you may never need to use it but it is of great advantage if you need help and people or emergency service are trying to locate you in the Highlands.
Many apps can locate you using GPS but the area of the location given can be inaccurate but with 'what3words' your location is within 3 meters.


To us this is an app that everyone should have on their devices, you never know just when that time you maybe  grateful that you did.