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Welcome Back


Welcome to our New Site.

Some of you may have already visited this site since we went live and are wondering why this looks like a re-post? the answer to this is we have still had a few bugs in the system and are making sure that when you subscribed to the site you get all the new posts. The site was due to go live at midnight 1st Feb 2020 and whilst we thought everything was good to go hours before we hit a major problem and cut it fine with the re-launch, some of you may have noticed the re-launch was delayed by 10 minutes but we got there in the end and by the looks of things are back in full swing with more blog posts soon to fill the site.

If you haven’t noticed we are based on the North Coast 500.

But Scotland’s Route goes beyond that circular route and try to get people to stay longer and explore more to get the best out of what the Highlands has to offer.

Here we hope that this site can help those planning their trip.

We want as many people to use our Free Itineraries and Maps.  They are all constantly updated with New Maps and itineraries added on a regular basis and we welcome your suggestions to improve or add information we may have missed.

This site welcomes your input, so if you have a story or want a piece added to our Blog, maybe a photo you want to share or a question you want to ask, then feel free to contact us and we will respond asap.

Being a Father and Son team we do this when we have a spare moment and on a shoestring budget so don’t expect a Big Business website.

Want to advertise your business? well, we give shout outs to businesses on the route and we like to do it Free.

We hope you enjoy our Wee site and hopefully, you will pick up some hints and tips on planning your trip.

Don’t forget to subscribe and get updates when anything new is added or posted.

We welcome all comments but do not allow rude or naughty comments, as we like to be nice.

Finally, just enjoy this site and if you are planning a trip, enjoy that even more.

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