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What3Words is an App that we have for a long time recommended everyone have on their mobile devices, whether they are Travelling the Route or not.

Most people who travel will have a built-in Sat Nav or use Google or Apple instead of the built-in one.

Nothing wrong with either way as they all work, but they do have a downside, Accuracy.

Why may you ask is Accuracy required when travelling.

Firstly in the Highlands, many areas are very remote, and even with Sat Nav, Google or Apple Maps, they don’t tell you where you are.

What3words differs.

What3words has divided the world into 3-metre
squares and gave each square a unique combination of three words.

Having your location measured to a 3-meter position can be lifesaving and not just time-consuming.

We recently read a post on a Facebook page by Jim Smith.
Jim is an experienced Motorhome Driver and recently tackled the NC500 when his clutch decided to throw a spanner in the works.

Jim had no option but to call for help from a garage, so consequently, he was immobilised until it was fixed.

Jim says, “We were in the middle of nowhere, or as we thought.
I phoned the breakdown service and spent 20 minutes explaining where we were.

Had I used What 3 Words, I could have given my location exactly?
So, if you’re a walker, climber, driver or camper etc., the emergency services can pinpoint your position.”

And we certainly agree 100% with Jim; What3Words is more than just an App for some. All should use it.

Many Emergency services are now using What3words, or they are certainly rolling it out.

It is an App that could mean life or death, and in the remote areas of the Highlands, an exact location could easily save you’s or someone else’s.

Download today; if you never use it and let us hope you don’t, it is free, so don’t be lost without it.

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